Electric Caltrain’s future and how you help can shape it – Redwood City – March 20 – 6:30pm

Transformative improvements to Caltrain service will depend on decisions in a visionary business plan that the Caltrain board will decide on this year.

Electric service, which will start in 2022, will set the stage for more frequent service – potentially trains up to every 5 minutes at top stations – longer trains carrying more people to relieve crowding, and greater integration with other transit services for smoother, more convenient trips.

Caltrain has impressive new forecasts showing that it could increase ridership from about 60,000 trips per day today to 250,000 daily trips by 2040 – the increase would be the equivalent of double-decking the 101 freeway.

Come learn about the Caltrain business plan plan from the transportation and policy experts at the forefront of the effort, hear how Caltrain will accomplish its goals over the coming decades, and learn how you can add your voice and help this happen.

Caltrain 2040 Vision
Redwood City City Hall
1017 Middlefield Road, Redwood City
March 20, 2018 6:30pm
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