Tonight Feb 20: Mountain View Transit Center open house

Tonight, Wednesday February 20, Mountain View is hosting an open house with an update on the city’s Grade Separation and Access Project. The meeting is being held at the Senior Center, 233 Escuela from 6:30-8:30pm.

The meeting will cover the project that includes
* closing Castro at the railroad tracks
* undercrossings for pedestrians and cyclists below Central Expressway and the tracks
* a ramp from Evelyn Avenue to Shoreline Boulevard
* an overview of Mountain View Transit Center Master Plan which includes discussion of place, building, and car parking opportunities for the transit center area.

According to the project website, design questions about the transportation infrastructure are expected to be settled by the end of this March, enabling engineering and environmental analysis to start in April.

If you live in Mountain View and/or use the station, this is a good opportunity to catch up on the project and next steps.