San Mateo County Measure W way too close to call; State Nixes Prop 6

With well under half of votes counted, San Mateo County Measure W was less than .5% short of the votes required to win – much too close to call.

smc-w-election-nightOn election night, results were inching up as the night went on, according to GM Hartnett’s report to the SamTrans board meeting.

Election night results
  • 8:30pm = 64.9% yes
  • 11:16pm = 65% yes
  • 11:43pm = 65.3% yes
  • 12:00am = 65.9% yes
  • 12:43am = 66.18% yes

San Mateo County has an all-mail ballot, and by state law voters can mail in their ballot as late as election day, so many votes were still in the mail on election night.

The next results will be reported today, Thursday November 8 at 4:30pm, with final results not scheduled til November 19.  You can watch for updates from the San Mateo County registrar at 4:30pm on Thurs, Nov 8; Tues Nov 13; Fri Nov 16, and Mon Nov 19, with an ominous footnote: Additional releases daily at 4:30 p.m. as necessary.

Prop 6 defeated with Bay Area most strongly opposed

Meanwhile, voters around the state defeated Prop 6, with results of 55% to 45% as of election night, saving funding that has been allocated for longer Caltrain and BART trains, updated equipment for Muni, SamTrans, ACTransit, and much more.

As expected, the Bay Area voted strongly against Prop 6. Heavily-populated LA County was less close than polling suggested; while other southern California and rural counties would have preferred to axe the gas tax.

Here’s a selection of election night results from Bay Area and other counties, with outcomes clear despite many votes left to count.

Prop 6 election night results
for core Bay Area and selected other counties
County Yes No
San Francisco 19 81
San Mateo 32 68
Santa Clara 34 66
Alameda 26 73
Contra Costa 36 64
Los Angeles 40 60
Orange 56 44
San Diego 53 47
Fresno 52 48
Kern 58 42

The 2/3 core Bay Area vote in support of transportation infrastructure funding is potentially promising for thinking bigger about regional transportation needs.