Bay Area turnout essential to nix Prop 6, save transpo funding – you can help

Bay Area turnout is absolutely essential in nixing Prop 6 and saving funding for Caltrain, transit, and transportation, according to a new LA Times poll.

According to the details of the LA Times poll, the Bay Area opposes Prop 6 by 60/20, while LA is about even, and Orange County/Central Valley favor killing statewide funding for transit, fixing unsafe bridges, and repairing potholes.


Polling on Proposition 6, which would axe funding for longer electric Caltrain trains (and other essential transit and transportation funding), is mixed and worrisome.

Last week, an LA Times poll showed a very close race, while recent Survey USA poll showed voter support for killing the funding ahead at 58%.

Save transportation funding – flyer, phone bank, donate

Flyer. We can reach 20,000 voters by election day by flyering Caltrain & BART stations.   Click here to sign up for a shift to flyer at platforms, reaching thousands of voters at stations near you, from San Francisco to San Jose.

Phone bank. If you live or work in San Mateo County, please come phone bank for Measure W or flyer local farmers markets.

Donate. And please click here to donate to help make this outreach possible.

Thanks so much for your time and support to fund essential transit and transportation infrastructure this election!

And thanks to partners including TransForm, San Francisco Transit Riders, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, SV@Home, and many others for making these voter outreach actions happen.