Redwood City plans for majority of trips by transit, active transportation

By 2040, Redwood City proposes a goal to have 50% of all trips to  by transit, walking, and bicycling. This is one of the key proposals in the draft RWCMoves citywide transportation plan up for Council review at a study session on Monday

Eagerness for options to drive less

This draft goal reflects community members’ eagerness for better infrastructure to help them drive less, and recent, dramatic transformation from the city’s downtown infill growth.

Results from the city’s assessment show that today, 5% of residents commute by transit, while over 20% of survey respondents are interested in commuting by transit.  Also, while only 2% of residents bike to work today,  over 15% of survey respondents would be interested in commuting by bike if there were better bike facilities.

The city’s stats show that there is substantial need to improve safety for active transportation.  While only 10% of collisions include people walking and bicycling, 54% of collisions involving severe or fatal injuries involved people walking or bicycling.

Downtown growth generates much less driving

In downtown, the future is today. The survey for the transportation plan shows that in the downtown, after the infill development in recent years, is seeing a 42% office drivealone rate, and a 54% residential drivealone rate.


Despite some community concerns about the traffic impacts of infill growth in the downtown, the city’s data shows that actual trip generation rates for Downtown office land uses were 44% lower than the rates used in the Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP) environmental impact report, and are 55% lower than the relevant trip generation rates from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), the planning manual whose estimates are based on suburban car-centric locations.

As for downtown apartments and condos, the actual trip generation rates for downtown multifamily residents were 26% lower than those used in the Downtown Precise Plan environmental impact report, and  45% lower than the relevant trip generation rates from ITE in the PM peak hour.

Click here to see the staff reports, including the proposed investments to improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and support transit use.

If you like this direction, and/or have suggestions for Council, come on Monday starting to the meeting starting at 7pm (the agenda item is likely to start by 7:30).  Or send a note to the council,

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