SamTrans advances Dumbarton corridor transit

As readers may already have seen, earlier this month the SamTrans board approved the steps for transportation improvements on the Dumbarton corridor, including:

* Maintaining the option for a bike/pedestrian trail in the right-of-way alongside transit between East Palo Alto and Redwood City

* A technical review of transit service options (needed since the feasibility study’s assumption combined 10-year-old rail modeling with new bus modeling that didn’t make sense together.)

* A fast-track MTC study of short-term options to improve mobility including additional bus routes, queue jumps, and managed lanes

* Inclusion of “low hanging fruit” transportation demand management  opportunities to reduce vehicle trips in the MTC short-term plan

* Seeking funding for corridor TDM programs as a package for the San Mateo County ballot measure
Discussion at the board meeting included optimism about the potential for “public private partnerships” to bring rail service to the corridor. It wasn’t clear whether that meant private rail operators seeking to use private capital to advance the project and run the service, or major employers that would benefit from rail putting up cash, or some combination of both.
Thanks to everyone who has participated in support for corridor mobility improvements to date.  It will take much more attention and support to secure funding and a strong project.

The next key funding steps are

* Regional Measure 3, the bridge toll measure that could bring $130Million for corridor transportation improvements. There is a Bay Area Toll Authority workshop tomorrow at 2pm to discuss putting RM3 on the ballot in June 2018
* A San Mateo County transportation sales tax currently being planned for the November 2018. Dumbarton investments are being considered for this tax, and community input will be helpful.
Dumbarton rail bridge