Planning Commish review tonight: Fully unbundled parking at Millbrae Serra Station

Tonight in Millbrae starting at 7pm, the Planning Commission will review Serra Station, a mixed-use development next to the Caltrain/BART station, with 444 homes, 290,000 square feet of office space, and 13,000 square feet of retail space.  Notable progress for the area is that the vehicle parking is fully unbundled and will not be included as part of the rent or sale of homes, office, and retail space.

Unfortunately, the building has more parking than is required by Millbrae’s standards for the station area (see below, as described in the staff report for October’s planning commission meeting), but unbundling and charging for parking will be a good incentive for residents and workers to buy only the parking they need.   If there are unused spaces, they will be made available to be rented to the general public by the hour or day.

To address concerns that residents or workers will skimp on purchasing parking and park instead on local streets, the developer will contribute a $10,000 deposit toward the city to set up a residential parking permit program within a quarter mile of the project, including free resident permits for the first year.

To verify the use of parking and car trips, the parking areas will have gates that facilitate collection of data about how many people are using the garage, at what time and whether they are residents or employees with pre-paid parking or people using the parking by the hour or the day.

Also, the development is required to have a transportation demand management program to reduce car trips by 20% compared to a development in a less transit-friendly location without the program.

Out of the housing units, 15% are required to be below market rate, and Sierra Club is encouraging that they be made available for tenants at “low” and “very low” income levels.

millbrae parking

The garage driveways shall be installed with automatic counters that track and provide data on vehicles arriving and leaving by time of day, whether they are owners or renters of parking spaces, or if they are using the public parking by the day or hour. This data will be used as part of the review to determine compliance with the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program.

millbrae serra station