Most downtown RWC workers don’t drive; residents want more choices; city reviews transpo plan

Redwood City’s research for its citywide transportation plan shows that most downtown workers and many downtown residents don’t drive, and residents all around the city are eager for more transportation options.

Results from the city’s survey shows that the peak period driving rate is much lower downtown than in more car-centric office locations in Redwood City.   And this is before Redwood City rolls out organized transportation demand management programs, as called for in the plan.


Similarly, many fewer downtown apartment dwellers drive at peak periods (slightly more than half drive).  Apartment-dwellers outside of downtown drive less than people who live in detached houses, but rarely use transit – we wonder if first and last mile connections would help.


A large majority of survey respondents (over 70%) say they would walk, bike, or use transit more if better infrastructure were available. The draft plan has many recommendations to improve all modes of transportation, prioritized by city goals, including short and long-term proposed projects.  You can review the full list here.

Unfortunately, the data gathered by the city shows that people walking or bicycling are severely injured or killed in collisions greatly disproportionate to the share of people who walk and bike. Community input shows strong desire for improved safety.

residents-want-transit bike-collisions pedestrian-collisions

 Click here to see the report, and share your thoughts on the ideas and the project priorities.    There will be community meetings coming up to review the plan on Nov 29 and December 9 before commission and City Council review.