How would Dumbarton proposals help/hinder Menlo Park plans? Council reviews, Tuesday 8/22 (new date)

Menlo Park City Council accelerated the date of its study session on the SamTrans Dumbarton Corridor report to Tuesday, August 22, at 7pm.  The agenda item had previously been penciled for a week later on August 29.

Transportation improvements on the Dumbarton corridor are essential for Menlo Park to achieve its goals to for economic growth and the creation of “live/work/play” mixed use neighborhoods in the area near Belle Haven and Facebook.

Logical questions that may come up at the study session include:

*  will the proposal to “freeway-ize” 84 by adding flyovers to bypass lights at Willow and University encourage more solo drivers to use Dumbarton to access Palo Alto, Stanford, and Menlo Park? How will this affect the upstream traffic jams on Willow and University toward the hills from 101?

* how will the proposed flyovers affect the livability of the “live work play” neighborhoods planned for the Willow and Jefferson areas? (the orange area on the map are planned for mixed use housing)

* since we have data from Stanford showing that they already achieve 50% nondrivealone mode share from the East Bay, would it be possible for the Dumbarton Corridor to achieve better nondrivealone mode share and better congestion relief sooner, especially with cooperation between transportation management associations in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City.

* since we have recent data from Stanford and Google showing 20-30% bicycle commute mode share for short trips (5-10 miles and less) where there are safe bike routes, does Menlo Park want Samtrans to look more closely at enabling a bicycle path on the land right of way between the bridge and Redwood City?

* since a significant share of people commuting from the East Bay over Dumbarton do so because they can’t afford to live in the West Bay, how can an express lane (High Occupancy Toll lane) be made more equitable for lower-income commuters?

* since the reconstructed Willow/101 interchange is being built with much better infrastructure for bicycle crossing, does it make sense to eliminate the bicycle lanes between 101 and Facebook (they are proposed to be replaced by bus lanes.)

* the proposal does not include any weekend bus service.  Since many service jobs have weekend hours, and residents near the transit corridor are likely to have fewer cars, does it make sense to provide weekend bus service?

If you live or work in Menlo Park, or are interested in the Dumbarton Corridor and haven’t seen the presentation yet, this is a good session to attend.

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