This week: Housing developments in Santa Clara by Caltrain, El Camino Real are back, smaller

This week, two housing developments in Santa Clara that were rejected earlier are back for community discussion, in smaller form than versions stopped in the last year.

On 575 Benton,  across from the Santa Clara Caltrain station, Prometheus is showing a new project version downsized to 355 units, from the earlier version with 450 apartments.   Prometheus withdrew the earlier version before the Council vote, following vocal opposition that the development across the street from the Caltrain at a significant VTA bus hub on El Camino, did not have enough parking and was too large.  


There will be a community meeting to review the new project version tonight, Tuesday July 11, from 6pm to 8pm at the Santa Clara Senior Center, Dance Theater Room, 1303 Fremont Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050.

Also this week on Wednesday, July 12, from 6-8pm, Prometheus is hosting a community meeting to discuss a downsized version of a housing development at the site of the Moonlight Bowling alley.   The new proposal for 58 for-sale townhouses replaces the previous proposal for a 158 unit, 5-story apartment building.

The meeting will be at the Central Library Margie Edinger Room, 2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051