This week and next: Mountain View big housing/transpo decisions for North Bayshore

The big decisions for Mountain View housing and transportation in North Bayshore near Google are coming to up this week Wednesday evening to the Environmental Planning Commission and City Council next week Tuesday evening.


In creating the draft plan for North Bayshore, Mountain View has put a lot of consideration into how to add housing in a way that encourages a neighborhood with less car-dependence and less driving, with better transit connections in the works, a robust walk and bike network with new paths through an area initially built as office buildings surrounded by parking, and importantly, much less parking than has been common on the Peninsula.

Big questions for the Environmental Planning Commission and Council include:

* should the plan be approved be for the maximum amount of housing being considered, up to 9,850 units? This is still well under than the number of new workers in the office space that would be added in the area over time (perhaps 18,000 jobs in 3.6 million square feet of office space). Mountain View is also adding housing in other areas of the city including a new plan for the East Whisman area.

* studies show that adding all the housing in North Bayshore before transportation improvements are made would clog the small number of routes into and out of North Bayshore. Should the plan phase in housing, with a first phase with between 1,500 and 3,000 units?

* should the plan set a parking policy that allowing many few cars than has been common in this part of the world – a maximum of .6 parking spaces per unit, with a process to phase the lower parking over time in over time? The recommendation to phase in less parking calls for using transportation demand management (services like shuttles, transit passes, carshare and bikeshare) to minimize the need for residents to own a car, using shared parking with nearby commercial space, and strategies to convert excess parking to other uses over time

* how should the city and school district plan for schools? Thanks to active organizing, the city council and school district have started to work together to find sites for schools for the new neighborhoods.

What do you think? This is a big deal…

This is one of the most important decisions that will be made in the region about housing and transportation. If you live or work in Mountain View and have time to take just a few actions this year, this should be one of them! Come, share the word, and bring friends, family members, and colleagues.

The Environmental Planning Commission meeting is on Wednesday, June 21 at 7pm, and the City Council final decision will be on Tuesday, June 27.  The Council agenda item will likely come up by 8pm. Come at 7:30 to be safe or watch online and stop by when the item is up.

If you can’t come to the meetings, send your thoughts by email to:

Environmental Planning Commission
Lucas Ramirez <>,
Pamela Baird <>,
ROBERT Cox <>,
John Scarboro <>,
Preeti Hehmeyer <>,
Ellen Kamei <>,
Margaret Capriles <>

Mountain View City Council

Ken Rosenberg <>,
Pat Showalter <>,
Lenny Siegel <>,
John McAlister <>,
Margaret Abe-Koga <>,
Chris Clark <>,
Lisa Matichak <>