Top actions to save Caltrain electrification

Thank you for mobilizing to save Caltrain electrification. Federal funding for this essential project has been delayed by the administration waiting for the president’s budget in March.

Here are the top actions you can do right now to save funding for this high-ranking project that will provide faster, more frequent service and less crowded commutes.

The situation is very fluid, so please check back on this page for more actions you can take.

1) Sign Caltrain’s White House Petition.

2) Contact the Federal Transit Agency

Send a custom letter to Secretary Chao here, and call their offices. Please be polite.  Welbes and Lana Hurdle are career employees and we’ll continue to need their help.

Elaine Chao - 202-366-4000
Matthew Welbes - 202-366-4040
Lana Hurdle –  202-366-6031

You can also send a message to the Transportation Secretary on Twitter, @SecElaineChao.   Click here to see what others are tweeting to Chao.

3) Flyer your Caltrain station or transit stop.  Download and print this flyer.   Sign up for a shift here to flyer your station.


4) Learn about an ambitious, achievable vision for improving corridor mobility. Read the Caltrain Corridor Vision Plan from SPUR.

5) Thank the Bay Area representatives who have been fighting to keep electrification moving forward:
Kamala Harris (415) 355 – 9041
Dianne Feinstein (415) 393-0707

Members of Congress
Anna Eshoo (650) 323-2984
Zoe Lofgren (408) 271-8700
Jackie Speier (650) 342-0300

6. The main opposition to Caltrain electrification comes from California’s Republican contingent in Congress.  They need to hear from voters. See this page for contact information and actions you can take.

7) Sign up for action alerts on timely actions you can take.

Please share more good ideas to support electrification funding in comments.


By Kabelleger / David Gubler ( - Own work:, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Kabelleger / David Gubler ( – Own work:, CC BY-SA 3.0,