San Mateo City Council approves Hillsdale Terraces housing near Caltrain

On Monday, San Mateo City Council approved the Hillsdale Terraces mixed use/housing development on a 4:1 vote.

There were a few amendments, requiring each unit to have at least one parking space, regardless of whether the residents have cars; and preventing residents in the new building from being eligible for parking permits, if the neighborhood decides that they want to have a neighborhood parking permit program.  Also, there is a $400,000 payment for community amenities that can be spent either on a daycare facility or sustainable streets improvement; that decision has been put off to a future date.
Mayor Lim was the only member who thought that the project’s benefits, with housing including affordable housing near Caltrain and El Camino, fullfilling the goals of the longstanding rail corridor plan, and the additional community amenities,  did not justify the height.
Council Member Goethals thanked all those who turned out in support of the project, which helped Council have the confidence to pass the plan.
Hillsdale Terrace