Mountain View residents: transit center land use should shape revamp

At the February 2 community meeting about Mountain View’s planned revamp of its transit center, a large majority of the 50+ residents in the room wanted the planning to focus on how to use the land currently used for surface parking lots, and to have the functions of the place play an important role in shaping the parking, bicycle and pedestrian, bus and shuttle access, and plaza area.

The meeting was structured with the land use questions last – whether to use the surface parking lots for new buildings that might include extension of downtown retail, housing, and/or office.  Over 70% of the people in the room supported buildings on the surface parking lots, with parking underground to leave more space for buildings and public space (see illustration of “Concept 4″ below).

Other comments from attendees included wanting to enable people to walk and bicycle through the station area to and from downtown, in addition to coming from/going to the station, and enabling people to bicycle through without getting in the way of people walking and standing.  More notes from the meeting will be published on the project site shortly, and the next step will be review by the City Council in the coming weeks.

If you attended the meeting, feel free to share more thoughts in comments.



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