Update: Mountain View Shoreline bus lane and bike improvements

By 2019 Mountain View will have a dedicated bus lane on Shoreline, and major bike safety improvements on the corridor, to help reduce car traffic to the employment center, according to a recent community meeting.

The bus lanes will run on Shoreline Boulevard between Middlefield Road and Plymouth Street. The lane would run in the median and not replace any existing vehicle lanes (see diagram).The project will involve upgrade to traffic signals and a potential for buses to get priority timing but the specifics of the signal upgrade have not been completely finalized.

Shoreline is used today by corporate shuttles, city shuttles, and VTA buses, and these vehicles would use the bus lane. The Shoreline plan covers the infrastructure needed for faster, more reliable bus and shuttle service, but not any changes to bus or shuttle service. The goal of the project is to speed buses and shuttles along Shoreline Boulevard, improving the connection to the Mountain View transit center and making transit commutes more time-competitive.  See the presentation for details. 

shoreline x-sectionThe project is has a price tag of $26.5Million, and is fully funded out of impact fees from development.  Design and engineering are expected to be done done by the Summer of 2017, and construction will take an additional two years, for expected completion by the Summer of 2019.   Eventually, the bus lane is expected to be replaced by a higher capacity transit link.

In addition to the improvements for bus/shuttle service there are major improvements proposed for bicycling, including a protected intersection at Shoreline and Middlefield.


Bike lanes will also be upgraded on the Shoreline corridor:

  • Bike lanes from Middlefield to Terra Bella will be upgraded to 6’ wide protected bike lanes with 4’ wide raised buffer.
  • Bike lanes from Terra Bella to 101 interchange will be upgraded to 6’ wide.
  • Bike lanes on 101 interchange will be upgraded to 7’ wide.
  • Bike lanes from La Avenida to Pear will be upgraded to 6’ wide.

The bicycling improvements are not just a “nice-to-have”. Bicycling already represents sizeable share of the North Bayshore commute, and the improvements are designed to grow the share.  Google reports that 20% of their employees who live within 5 miles of campus bike to work today, already, and the goal is to increase that share to 40%.  

The bus lane and bicycle improvements were among the key recommendations from the Shoreline Corridor Plan, as part of a comprehensive improvements intended to achieve Mountain View’s ambitious goal to reduce solo driving to North Bayshore to 45%.