San Jose, Redwood City show fastest-growing Caltrain ridership

Redwood City and San Jose Diridon stations had the fastest growing Caltrain ridership in the last year, according to the most recent ridership counts.

San Jose Diridon overtook Mountain View as the third-highest ridership station, growing 13% to 4712 average weekday boardings, with a growing downtown tech scene and new housing. Redwood City’s downtown has been growing rapidly, with the opening of the Box office building and several new housing developments.  Redwood City ridership grew 18%, from 3,233 to 3,814.

Fastest-growing Caltrain stations

San Francisco and Palo Alto were still solidly #1 and #2, but Palo Alto’s growth slowed to 3.2%, perhaps influenced by the city’s recent tightening of downtown development  limits.  If Palo Alto succeeds at banning software development downtown (see attached article), there may be more change to come over time.