Should electric trains have bathrooms?

At tomorrow’s board meeting (Thursday, June 4), the Caltrain board will review staff recommendations about the amount of space for bikes, standing room, and bathrooms on the train.
The staff recommendation is for the electric trains to have no bathrooms onboard.  On the new cars, each bathroom would take the space of 8 seats. Today, every Bombardier cars has a bathroom on board, and the Gallery trains have two bathrooms per set of trains.
According to a recent Caltrain survey, on average, 53% of passengers use a bathroom at least some of the time, but only 17% said that a bathroom was very important.
But the picture is different for people with longer trips. On average, Caltrain trips are 40 minutes long. For people with trips that are over 45 minutes, 80% said that having a bathroom on board was moderately important or very important to them.
What do you think? Should Caltrain remove the bathrooms to make more room for seats? Or should Caltrain include at least some bathroom space (one per train?) for people with long trips, for passengers coming from Giants games and other entertainment, and for people with health needs?
There will be another post shortly regarding bike space.