VTA saves 15-minute airport service at Santa Clara, but still plans 30 minute Diridon hairpin

After receiving substantial community input, VTA reversed a proposed decision to reduce the frequency of the Route 10 airport shuttle from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  However, the new proposed line 11 to the airport from Downtown and Diridon Station still has a proposed frequency every 30 minutes.  Also, instead of traveling directly Northwest from downtown toward the airport, the proposed route would pick passengers up at Diridon, then head downtown, and make a hairpin turn back toward the airport, making the proposed transit-airport connection slow in addition to infrequent.

According to community members who attended the VTA information session, the agency proposes to start running the line it its current form, and potentially add service if there is ridership.  Even at 30 minutes, the route is somewhat helpful for people starting in the Downtown area.  However, with the infrequent service and the hairpin turn, the route is highly unlikely to pick up riders from the connection-rich Diridon station.

In the longer term, when BART and High Speed Rail converge at Diridon, the City of San Jose is considering making Diridon the main hub for airport transit connections. It would make sense to start building ridership.  The current proposed route does not do that. If you’d like to see VTA starting sensible airport service from Diridon sooner, send comments to customer.service@vta.org, and the VTA board which considered the schedule changes on Thursday, board.secretary@vta.org


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