VTA postpones review of 2-station BART project

Faced with mounting community pushback to the proposal to eliminate the Alum Rock station, the VTA has changed the dates of its community meeting to November 12th a future date not  yet announced, and the VTA board discussion to December 11th.    The meetings will cover a VTA staff proposal to apply for federal funding for a 2-station project (Downtown and Diridon), without the stations earlier proposed for Alum Rock or City of Santa Clara.

Television news covered the community meeting  last week Thursday where local residents organized opposition to the Alum Rock station cut. The East San Jose station had been the centerpiece of an Urban Village plan that the community had worked on for over a decade, which was an inspiration for the urban village strategy in San Jose’s General Plan, fostering future development concentrated in walkable places near transit.

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If you live in San Jose – or if you want to see a great Caltrain/BART connection in San Jose – come to these meetings if you can.