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The Green Caltrain blog is sponsored by BayRail Alliance, an all-volunteer non-profit organization supporting green rail transit in the Bay Area. This blog and BayRail have no affiliation with Caltrain.

Better bike access to Caltrain, San Jose and San Francisco

For the 15% or so of Caltrain riders who use a bicycle to get to, from and around the station area, improvements are coming in San Jose and San Francisco, and you can participate in refining these improvements.

In San Jose, on August 13, the City transportation department is hosting a meeting to review a set of bike improvements west of Downtown, including bike lanes on Stockton from Alameda to Emory, Julian between the Alameda and Guadalupe River Trail, and improved bike lanes on Park from Market to Santa Clara. Click here for the full list of improvements. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 6:00 PM, Gardner Community Center, 520 W. Virginia St.

SJ Bike West

In San Francisco, SFMTA is working on designs for protected bike lanes on the Embarcardero. Share your thoughts with this SFBC survey and sign up to get involved.

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