Caltrain takes feedback on Strategic Plan

This week, Caltrain is taking feedback on its strategic plan.  Wednesday evening June 4 in San Carlos, and Thursday evening Santa Clara, an earlier meeting on Monday in San Francisco. More details are on this web page.

Here are a few thoughts:

1) Caltrain plans to make improvements to address the capacity crunch, and that is included in the draft plan. In addition to a qualitative goal, they should have quantitative forecast scenarios of capacity requirements and the improvements needed to address demand

2) Bicycles are critical and cost-effective for first and last mile access (3x more popular than shuttles!). Caltrain has a strategic goal to reduce driving to stations, already well below 50%. Caltrain should incorporate bikes on board and bike share for last mile. Bike storage does not solve the last mile problem.

3) The average Caltrain rider income is over $100,000. In a financially prudent manner, this blogger thinks that Caltrain should explore opportunities to provide fare and transfer equity so fewer lower income working people don’t make decisions to drive because of the cost of Caltrain.

 What do you think? this blog post will be refreshed with a few more suggestions shortly.