San Jose draft recommendations for County transit tax don’t include Caltrain

The San Jose City Council is reviewing its priorities for the proposed $3.5 Billion Santa Clara County Transportation tax this afternoon May 20 at 3pm. The proposed list of priorities includes BART to Diridon station (which makes sense), but does not include any investments in Caltrain.

The Diridon Plan depends on 10,000 riders from BART, and 10,000 riders from Caltrain. Caltrain won’t be able to carry 10,000 riders to Diridon without major capacity improvements.

The proposed priorities include freeway interchange rebuilds, but no funding for the Bus Rapid Transit investments in lines that connect to Diridon and help San Jose create more walkable, transit-friendly, affordable places to live.

The timing is horrible for people with day jobs. If you can make it, the agenda item starts at 3pm today. If not, send an email to your Council Member saying San Jose and Diridon depend on Caltrain capacity investments, and copy the city clerk:

Agenda –

Staff report –

Come tonight to support Diridon Station Plan

Also – speak up for San Jose investment in Caltrain tonight at 7pm when Council reviews the Diridon Plan for approval. Your voice will help get the plan approved – as well as critical council support for Caltrain capacity investments, bike and pedestrian improvements, and parking decisions needed for the plan to actually work.