VTA appoints committee to focus on transit to Levi’s stadium

At his first meeting as VTA Chair, Ash Khalra appointed a subcommittee of VTA board members to focus on improving transit to serve Levi’s stadium.   The goal, said Khalra, is for “VTA to be the choice for travelling to the game. To acheive this, we need transit service to be excellent. The committee’s role is to work with staff, the 49ers, and the community to make this happen.”

The subcommittee will hold meetings that are open to the public, the first of which is scheduled for February 26th. Members of the committee are Ash Kalra (Chair), Margaret Abe-Koga, Jamie Matthews, and Gail Price. If you are interested in transit service to Levi’s stadium, this committee is the place to provide feedback.

UPDATE: the meetings are now regularly scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of the month at 10am, starting on Feb 26.

Transportation to Levi’s stadium, for regular games and especially for the superbowl is a major concern. The stadium seats 60,000 fans.  Santa Clara is hoping for substantial carpooling, predicting that 18,000 cars will be driven to the stadium carrying 2-4 passengers each.  Fans are being encouraged to carpooling or take transit by parking charges of $40 to $50 per car.

VTA already is planning a set of improvements to serve the stadium.  In the next year, according to the Mercury News, VTA “plans to double-track its line through Mountain View and add a third track on Tasman Drive in Santa Clara, improving the connection with Caltrain.  Then, by the 2016 season, the single track from Highway 85 across Central Expressway to Whisman station will get a second track. This will allow VTA to run express trains between Mountain View and Alum Rock to connect with future BART service at the Montague station in Milpitas. The BART line could be operating in 2017.  Plans are underway to improve pedestrian access to and from VTA’s Great America station. The 49ers will expand the Great America light-rail platform and a game day-only pedestrian crossing to serve Santa Clara’s new parking garage on Tasman.”  Other suggestions including having Caltrain or ACE trains serve the Great America station directly.