San Mateo County Supervisors vote to recommend SamTrans funding

This morning, the San Mateo County supervisors voted unanimously to recommend $10 Million over two years from the sales tax passed November to fund SamTrans paratransit, which will also help SamTrans keep its commitments to bus, shuttle, and train service.

The process is not yet complete.  The Supervisors are taking public comment about multiple uses for the sales tax revenues over several meetings, and are expected to make the final decisions in September.

The SamTrans board will make a separate decision about funding Caltrain in its budget for the next fiscal year.  The funding from the county was targeted to ParaTransit; having ParaTransit fully funded will allow SamTrans to pay its other bills.

Hopefully the $5Million in new funding will help SamTrans fill the $5.2 million gap in its obligation to Caltrain, since every dollar from San Mateo County will be matched by dollars from San Francisco and Santa Clara County.  If SamTrans is short, the shortage for Caltrain is tripled.