Palo Alto and Mountain View have top ridership in county, no Caltrain board representation

The cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View have both sent letters to the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority board asking for representation on the Caltrain board.  The two cities represent 75% of the ridership in the county, and have the #2 and #3 highest ridership stations on the corridor. But they currently have no representation on the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers board which governs Caltrain.

So Palo Alto and Mountain View have sent letters to the chair of the VTA board requesting representation for the “North County” group of cities, including Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills.

Each of the three county partners has its own method for appointing members of the Caltrain board; all of Santa Clara County’s three representatives are appointed by the VTA. Currently all of the representatives from Santa Clara County come from the southern part of the county – Ken Yeager, a County Supervisor whose district is in San Jose, Ash Kalra,  a San Jose Council Member, and Perry Woodward of Gilroy City Council.

VTA will appoint its representatives to the Caltrain Joint Powers at the first meeting in January 2014. If you live in Santa Clara County and agree that the high-ridership areas should have Caltrain board representation, you can click to sign a petition to the VTA board of directors as a Caltrain rider and supporter.